Payment & Pricing

How do I find out how much shop items cost in my country's currency?
All prices should be automatically converted for you at checkout but if you want to find out yourself you can use an online currency converter such as XE.com (original prices stated in GBP). Note that our web shop and XE will not always apply the exact same exchange rate as each other.

What payment methods are available?
We accept all major debit and credit cards at checkout, you can also pay by PayPal & apple pay.

Do you offer payment plans/take payment in installments?
We have recently stopped all payment plan options. Sorry.


What size range do you cater for?
Our usual range goes from S to XXL.
Please check our sizing page for detailed info, measurements, and conversions for each size. We also offer quite a few free size items such as hats, scarves and a whole range of ponchos and cloaks.

Do you offer a custom fitting service?
We do not currently offer this service, sorry.

I am a big busted girl, I'm worried your items won't fit me
One of the main reasons behind Helen starting Fée-T was because at a UK size 10 but 32GG, she struggled to find clothing to fit and flatter her body type. Because of this, all garments are designed with boobylicious babes in mind but don't let this put you smaller perkier faeries off ;-) Fée-T designs are made to fit both and every size in between :-)
We aim to achieve the best fit and look so where appropriate we use fabrics that stretch sideways. This allows the garment to mold better to your body shape and give greater freedom of movement without compromising on aesthetics.

Do you do kids sizes?
Unfortunately not at the moment, no. It's something we plan to maybe work on at some point but not quite yet.


Do you ship abroad?/ How much does it cost?
We do indeed :-) The main countries we ship to are UK, USA, Australia & Canada but, no matter where you are, if the postman can find you so can Fée-T. We even have a world map on the workshop wall where we hope one day to finish ticking off all the countries.

How can I track my order?
In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum we send most international packages standard airmail (Unless you have paid for the shipping upgrade) therefore they can not be tracked. We do however get proof of postage for all parcels, so if there is any problem with your package you can contact Royal Mail with the item number and find out what has happened. There is however a set number of weeks you have to wait until being able to do so. It is VERY rare for a parcel to go missing though so don't worry and just be patient :-)
We do STRONGLY recommend you upgrade your shipping to tracked if you have any concerns though. All UK parcels require a signature and tracking numbers can be supplied on request.

Will you mark my international item as a gift/lower the value on the customs form so i can avoid import tax?
As much as we all hate the tax man, we are a professional business and if we did that we could face heavy penalties so all non EU parcels are sent with the invoice attached and the real value on the customs form.


Other FAQ's

For items/designs you have said are coming soon, can I put a deposit down to hold one?
No, because invariably new designs always take longer to get sorted and ready to launch in our online store than expected. We prefer people to wait until the item is ready then place their order.

Do you ever need models? Can i model for you?
At the moment we have more than enough models and generally tend to use friends, family and local girls due to finding photoshoots more comfortable and pleasant if we know the person in front of the camera. That said, we do occasionally need someone very specific, In which case we would put a shout-out on our Facebook page so make sure you keep an eye on that.

Are you willing to help promote my business by sharing/plugging my Facebook (or other social media) page on yours?
Unfortunately due to the success of our page and it's ever increasing fan-base we get a high demand for this, so we have had to impose a strict only pages we are affiliated with rule.
We do, on occasion, stumble upon someone's page and are so blown away by their talent that we decide to share it with our followers, but it is very rare for those people to have asked us beforehand.Sorry, and we hope you understand. If you have contacted us about this matter and we have the time we will no doubt pop over and take a look as the 'real us'.

I want to promote/review Fée-T. Can you send me stuff?
We appreciate your offer but we like to remain in charge of how and when our products are marketed and are already truly blessed to have enough customers to keep us busy. 

Will you swap links on websites/like my page on Facebook as Fée-T?
Sorry but due to the high demand we have to operate on a strictly only businesses/people we are affiliated with basis or our links/likes pages would be 3 miles long and not really represent our likes and our friends/family who we try to support.

Where do you get your patterns? And will you share/sell them to me? Do you do tutorials on how to make your items?
We make all our own patterns from scratch and are in the process of slowly working through our backlog of designs, releasing them as patterns and step by step guides allowing you to make our signature styles from home.

Where do you get your materials/supplies from?
We have spent many years researching and painstakingly seeking out materials from a wide variety of suppliers and it's one of the things that keeps Fée-T unique. In order to create yet another obstacle between us and those who would like to imitate (yes, probably not you who are reading this but believe me they are out there sadly...) we choose to not reveal our sources.

Where is your shop? Can i come to see you at your workshop to try on and purchase items?
We do not have a physical shop and currently sell only online. Our workshop is in our home and not equipped for visitors so we can not invite you here. Sorry.

Can I come and collect my item from you in person at your workshop?
Unless we know you in person we do not receive customers in our workshop. Sorry.

Will you trade/exhibit at my fair/festival?
Sadly, we currently don't have the time or stock to do stalls. Hopefully one day we will be able to when we move to larger premises with more storage space :-)

Can I work for you as an assistant, seamstress, intern, etc?
Currently we have enough helping hands but we do hope to move/expand Fée-T in years to come so hopefully that will change. In which case we would put a shout-out on our Facebook page so make sure you keep an eye on that.

Will you donate a prize to my raffle for charity?
Whilst we both support certain of our personal preferred charities, Féerie Telle as of the moment does not. This is simply due to it being a relatively young business which is still working hard to support itself, and as such has no leeway for funding/donations outside of its own expenses.

Do you do menswear?
We have been known to make a few pieces in the past. We have a zillion ideas and have even got round to sketching some out but haven't quite got round to launching any designs yet. We are currently in the process making a few changes to help us free up some time so that we can work on things such as these so keep your eyes on our Facebook page for announcements...


Can I interview Fée-T/feature you in my magazine etc...?
If you would like to interview us/use our pictures for a feature please message us by using the form on our contact page or call Helen on (0044) 07935010971

Can I use your images?
You can use our images online if we are credited and there is a link back to at least one of our web addresses but we have zero tolerance for uncredited image theft and do not allow them to be edited in any way by anyone other than ourselves without obtaining written permission beforehand. If you are wanting to use them for a printed feature and need higher resolution, unwatermarked copies please contact us.