In addition to the standard colourways, you can also order many of our products in your choice of colours.
Every person is unique and so are our products, we lovingly tailor every item by hand in our UK workshop to your exact requirements. Choose your own style and colours and create your own Fée-T. The possibilities are endless! 


Cotton Colours (chart with names coming soon)
Colours are listed in the drop down menus in the same order they are shown in this photo.
[Wine, Dark red, Red, Orange, Sunflower, Yellow, Pale yellow]
[White, Pale grey, Grey, Charcoal, Dark Charcoal, Black, Pigeon Grey]
[Peach, Coral, Pink, Candy pink, Pale pink, Dusky pink, Orchid, Plum]
[Cream, Beige, Camel, Tobacco, Chocolate, Rust, Mustard]
[Sage, Pale green, Lime, Parrot Freen, Emerald Green, Bottle green, Olive]
[Navy, Royal, Turquoise, Sky, Pale blue, Periwinkle, Pale lilac, Lilac, Purple]
[Petrol blue, Steel blue, Peacock, Light teal, Teal, Jade]

Fleece 6 Tone Colourways: 

We have recently added Heather, Peacock and Hallows' Eve to our collection.

More examples of all the above colourways can be found here.

All Plain Fleece Colours

Plain Fleece + Buttons
(for Eclipse jackets and waistcoats main colour, Tournedot body colour, dungarees main colour, old style Korrigan shrugs etc...)
Plain Fleece + Cord
(for all designs requiring a drawstring or lacing)
Plain Fleece + Herringbone Strapping
(for all Azimae jacket and waistcoat trims)
Plain Fleece + Thin Herringbone Strapping + Buttons
(for all new style Korrigan shrugs and Dolmantelle cloaks)
(for Octo-Hats)