Founder and Chief Designer Helen Robinson, with the help of a couple of faeries and some mighty cups of tea, has been creating and hand crafting unique clothing and accessories from her home in Whitby, UK since 2008. Helen recognised a need for fun, versatile outfits that would be just as comfortable being worn on the school run as they would at any gathering, festival, parade or party.

Helen is the daughter of internationally renowned ceramic artist Jennifer Robinson. She was raised in a very creative family: her parents ran a successful pottery business. So she spent a lot of time watching them create and traveling around to events with them. When Helen was 7, she moved to France where she completed her education. Helen later went to work with her mother as a ceramic sculptor, where she discovered that she was actually very good at it... but found it hard always comparing her work to her mum's 30+ years’ experience.

Helen moved out of her parents home at 18 and moved back to Whitby, England where she worked in various service and retail roles before realising that her energy and creative skills might be better put to use if she became her own boss instead, around this time Helen met Steve, a professional photographer, shortly after meeting they started TPF Images & Arts, a business that offered editorial photography for events, band promotion, model portfolios etc., and found that they so much enjoyed working together, for themselves, that they were encouraged to stick with it and make it work.

Their son Kyte was born end of 2007 and Helen was a full-time stay at home mum until he was 1, but felt she needed to express her creativity in more than helping Steve with his photography. A return to clay was impractical because it is very much not compatible with small children... so Helen started altering and decorating some of her own clothes... and TPF Faerie Wear was born.

Once she had started, nothing could stop her! She began with tutus and pixie pockets and within a year had taught herself a whole new bunch of tricks. Orders were beginning to pour in.

At this point, Steve was operating his photography business under the name "Rage Photography"and rapidly established himself as the main nightclub photographer in this area, being the in-house photographer for quite a few regular events as well as having the opportunity to photograph some internationally renowned musicians and DJ's, and having his images seen in various worldwide publications. However, in July 2012, Steve decided to quit all his other ventures to focus his photographic talent solely on TPF and to join Helen on the creation side.

TPF Co-Director Steve Atkinson

Helen and Steve tied the knot on the 21st of June 2013. By this time TPF had outgrown their small shed at the bottom of the garden so they took the plunge and moved to bigger better premises to have more space to grow and to take on helping hands.

Helen was voted best UK alternative designer of the year 3 years running (2012, 2013 and 2014) by the readers of Alt Mag Magazine.

Sadly, in Spring 2018 Steve passed away after a short battle with Cancer. Steve’s passing brought a time for reflecting on all the incredible things that he and Helen had achieved since TPF began and highlighted the strength of the outstanding online community which surrounds Helen and her team’s work.

As part of the big journey of overcoming grief and rebuilding every aspect of her life, Helen decided to change the name of the business in January 2020, TPF Faerie Wear was now 'Féerie Telle' and is currently a team of 5, all coming together to wrap your body in rainbows.