‘Tournedot’ Jacket - Digital Sewing Pattern + Tutorial Download

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'Tournedot' jacket :
The ‘Tournedot’ jacket is one of Féerie Telle’s most recognizable and popular designs.
Its flared, panelled skirt and cross-over front makes it a perfect balance between statement jacket and wearable blanket.
The first incarnation of this twirltastic jacket was created back in 2009 and it has evolved over time, growing alongside our company.
It has undergone several big redesigns over the years, both in look and construction,
including the introduction of the corset lacing for extra flair, adjustability and fit in 2019.
Its most recent form, now available as a pattern for you, is the best yet, and the culmination of years of experience and design tweaks and 100s of examples made and shipped all over the world.
In this pattern, we have paired it with our ‘Positively Pixie' plain hood and long, slightly flared, plain 'Sidhe' sleeves.
With all the different hem lengths, the options for hooded or hoodless, sleeved or sleeveless and multiple pocket style options, there are 72 variations to choose from!
Now’s your opportunity to put your stamp on it and truly make it your own!
Make it short and sweet or long and flowy. Keep it plain for a super classy look or go full rainbow and cover it with stars!
Whatever you choose, we can’t wait to see what you make!

Instant download of digital Tournedot jacket sewing patterns and accompanying, illustrated tutorial booklet. Includes the following options :
-6 straight hem lengths.
-Hoodless or with Positively Pixie hood.
-Sleeveless or with long, slightly flared Sidhe sleeves.
-Multiple pocket options for each length.

PDF files:
-Layered Tournedot jacket patterns printable in A4 / US Letter.
-Layered Tournedot jacket patterns printable in A0.
-Layered Tournedot jacket pattern projector file.
-Detailed, fully illustrated tutorial booklet containing useful information, step by step instructions and much more.
-Pattern adjustments booklet.
+ Access to exclusive Facebook sewing support group / Féerie Telle pattern community.

Adult sizes S to XXL (you can check our sizing chart here)

If you fall outside of our current ‘standard’ size range, have long or short arms/body/legs or simply like a garment that fits as perfectly as possible, this pattern can be adjusted. Alongside the tutorial, we have included a brief guide to some of the basic techniques and methods that can be used to tailor the pattern to your requirements. 
This pattern is fairly complex, with lots of interconnecting pieces and seams so we do not recommend undertaking any complicated alterations without previous experience.

We are hoping to expand our size range later this year.

This pattern is fairly complex due to the number of pieces.
We recommend beginners try one of our other, simpler patterns first to familiarize themselves with the way we present and explain things, but.... with the right amount of can-do attitude, go for it! 😃

Machine Required
An overlocker / serger makes the process faster and easier but you can just use a regular sewing machine if you don’t have one. Or even sew it by hand!

This pattern has been designed for use with stretch knit fabrics.
For best results we recommend medium to heavy weight stretch knit fabrics. Our personal favourite to work with is Polar Fleece.

Pattern Compatibility
This jacket is compatible with:
-‘Sidhe’ Sleeves Pattern Expansion Pack
-V Neck 'Positively Pixie' Hood Pattern Expansion Pack

This pattern is for non-commercial use. Items created using our patterns and tutorials should not be sold without prior permission. For information on commercial licensing click here

What our pattern testers and customers have to say

‘‘The pattern goes together like no other pattern from anywhere I have ever tried does.  Everything lines up perfectly.  Truly was so easy to work with for me, I have been sewing since I was 5, but also a beginner would have no issue. Your instructions are clear and precise.’’ Lisa

‘’Pattern is wonderful to sew up. The instructions are easy to follow and with an amazing array of options that also leaves plenty of room for personalisation to make each jacket unique. This is a pattern I plan to make many many times and fill my wardrobe with. It's so comfy to wear, fantastical in style and really draws the eye. I've had so many lovely comments whilst wearing it on the school run this morning.’’ Sarah

‘‘I absolutely had the best time making this coat, your pattern is incredible: super easy to follow, clear, concise, and totally free of jargon so really easy to understand which for a total novice sewer was just perfect.‘’ Helen

‘‘I found it fantastic. The instructions are clear.’’ Rebecca

‘‘Omg I can't believe how easy the actual assembly is
… a lot of work, but easy.’’ Aimée

‘‘This was really fun to sew and I will be making more soon!’’ Denise

‘’It was lovely to have a pattern with all full pieces, none of these “cut on the fold” ones where it’s so easy to mess up, especially on delicate/ intricate pieces.
Also, so nice to have a pattern drafted for a bigger cup size and not have to do an FBA.’’ Sue

‘‘This is the most amazing pattern! This wont be the last one i make for sure.‘’ Lisa

‘‘Sewing the Tournedot jacket was really fun. The tutorial was easy to follow and while I think a beginner might struggle a bit with the pattern, mostly because of its amount of pieces, it would not be impossible. As long as they follow the tutorial bit by bit, it should be doable.’’ Denise

’’Thanks for such an amazing pattern…this has been the easiest thing I've ever sewn. It's an incredible pattern, and so versatile. I see lots of them in my future 😉 😘🥰😘’’ Kirsty

‘’Your pattern is so well written that it's really easy to make.. although I thought the trim may never end! Lol.
First of many! What colour to make next? 🤔’’ Janine

‘’Your instructions are AMAZING! I’m not really a sewer, I’ve made patchwork blankets but that’s about it but I followed these instructions with no trouble at all. I love it!’’ Heather

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