Payment Plans / Payment In Installments

There are 2 ways of setting up a payment plan with us :


1) You can set one up at checkout on any order over £75.00 GBP by clicking on this button link at checkout:

This method takes automatic payments from your account at regular intervals (you decide how much and how often when you set it up). You must pay at least 10% of your order value when you first place your order. Orders will only be made and shipped when the full order balance has been paid. No part-shipments of orders will be allowed prior to the end of your payment plan.

You can make additional payments to your plan at any time via your Payment portal. 


2) We can set one up for you via PayPal.

Simply contact us letting us know what you would like.
We send you an invoice and tick the ‘allow partial payments’ box which allows you to pay it off a bit at a time in a super flexible way. No fees, the only stipulation is that it be paid off within a year.
Once the payments plan is completed we then make and ship your item(s)